(Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics):

In purpose of enhancing competitiveness in the field of scientific and technological development, through our scientific and research projects as well as students activities all four areas of STEM are involved.

As the example of involving three of four STEM areas can be taken project of first Croatian hydrogen refuelling station:

  • Science: With scientific research on the small scale experimental set-up the goal is to come up with solutions that will represent the innovative design of the hydrogen production system. In this direction, preliminary research has already been carried out and a bipolar electrolyzer was designed. It is a step forward in the application of new electrodes of 1500 times larger active surface for the same surface layout.
  • Technology: The technology that will be used for testing of the components involves non-destructive methods, electrochemical impedance of the fuel cells, DC and AC testing, bonding materials in a high-temperature vacuum oven, and using photovoltaic (PV) cells for direct conversion of solar energy into electric energy for hydrogen production without any harmful emissions.
  • Engineering: The engineering approach is illustrated by designing components in one of the software packages and their construction. When all necessary components are ready (commercially and/or laboratory made), it is following their implementation into housing of the station, that except of internal wiring also includes external wiring for connection to the PV cells.