Solar power plant

Solar power plant is installed on the top roof of Laboratory of Power Engineering. With a total installed power of 960 Wp, a produced electric energy is used for hydrogen production via water electrolysis, i.e. energy storage.

The power plant consists of six photovoltaic (PV) modules of a single power of 160 Wp, which are installed in pairs as fixed, one-axis, and dual-axis tracking system. Along with them, on the top roof are also located a sensor for measuring solar radiation, meteorological stations and fuse boxes on the roof.

Solar power plant operation is monitored via website of the EnlighterManager ( with permanent storage of measured data.

The solar power plant produced a total of 1.24 MWh of energy during a period of one year, of which the PV modules on the fixed carrier produced 378 kWh, one-axis 401 kWh and dual-axis tracking system 462 kWh.