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RH2EC – 2024
Solar hydrogen technologies


First Croatian hydrogen fuel cell powered bicycle

Hydrogen-powered bicycle is the electric bicycle that electric energy needed to power electric motor gets from the fuel cell stack. Particularly for this bicycle, it is a PEM fuel cell stack of 300 W.

A fuel cell is a device that uses hydrogen (from the storage tank) and oxygen (from the storage tank or air) to produce electricity as the main product, and water and heat as by-products. Hence, the process of electrochemical combustion of hydrogen in a fuel cell is completely carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions-free.

bicikl na vodik

The hydrogen system on the rear bicycle carrier is located between the electric motor and DC/DC converter for low adjustment. The focus of the project was to explore the possibilities of integrating commercially available components. The evolved prototype of the first Croatian hydrogen bike has shown that the pedelec with electric drive and hydrogen system operates very well: during the ride, there is no pull-back effect, the dynamics of the system is fast, and the ride is quiet and delightful.