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RH2EC – 2024
Solar hydrogen technologies

Charging stations for battery-powered electric vehicles

Within the outside area of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FSB), there are installed two chargers for battery-powered electric vehicles and thus we became the first e-Faculty in the Republic of Croatia. In this way, FSB placed itself in the prestige category of world e-Faculties. 

Each of the two charges is equipped with two 22 kW ports for simultaneous charging of two vehicles. Due to the need for a faster transition to cleaner transport, this project is extremely important for the FSB. The project coordinator institution was the Center for Technology Transfer (Ctt), with Ankica Kovač as the project leader.

From the beginning of the initiative until its final realization, this project was also supported by the FSB authority. It is expected that the promotion of such and similar projects will stimulate and accelerate the transition to cleaner forms of transport. The total investment amounted to 9.283,14 EUR, whereby the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency (FZOEU) provided 40% of the funds.

Punionica za električne automobile

The access to the charger is enabled via the RFID card plugging into the user interface of the charger that gives the user information on the availability of the left or right charger side. After completion of the charging, log off is carried out with the same RFID card with which the log-in was made.

The chargers were delivered by Ducati Components Inc. from Ludbreg, Croatia which was selected through a public tender invitation.