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RH2EC – 2024
Solar hydrogen technologies


Our Services


Feasibility study (introduction of hydrogen into existing and/or new business)


Consulting services (green hydrogen: RES plus water electrolysis)


Cooperation on national and international projects (clean technology for green energy transition)

Contact: Assist. Prof. Ankica Kovač, MSC.AE., ankica.kovac@fsb.hr

Current projects


The H2LAB project opens a new research field related to green hydrogen production and its transportation.

Securing electrical energy in the case of climate extremes and natural disasters (H2ElEn)

Climate extremes and the natural disasters caused by them will significantly disrupt the secure energy supply. Carrying out the applied research, within this project, the energy core of mobile and stationary so-called emergency…


Enhancing the attractiveness of occupations in STEM areas relevant to future city planning with an emphasis on clean hydrogen-based transportation…

First Croatian Hydrogen Powered Bicycle

Hydrogen-powered bicycle is the electric bicycle that electric energy needed to power electric motor gets from the fuel cell stack. Particularly for this bicycle, it is a PEM fuel cell stack of 300 W…

First Croatian Hydrogen Refuelling Station

The project is based on the ecological solution of using Solar energy to produce alternative fuel, i.e. hydrogen for cleaner transport, which will reduce air pollution and improve the quality of life in the cities…

Croatia Mirai Challenge

Croatia Mirai challenge is a trip on the route Zagreb – Brussels along the European route where hydrogen refuelling stations are installed. This was an extremely important event for the entire Republic of Croatia because it was the first time that…

Solar Power Plant

A Solar power plant is installed on the top roof of the Power Engineering Laboratory. With a total installed power of 960 Wp, a produced electric energy is used for hydrogen production via water electrolysis, i.e. energy storage…

Charging stations for battery-powered electric vehicles

Within the outside area of the UNIZAG FSB, there are installed two chargers for battery-powered electric vehicles and thus we became the first e-Faculty in the Republic of Croatia. In this way, UNIZAG FSB placed itself in the prestige category of world e-Faculties. Each of the two charges is equipped with two 22 kW ports…