Popularization of Science

The emphasis is on the promotion of realized scientific projects, projects in progress, planned projects, and their interdependence of the used solar hydrogen technologies, their development in the immediate future, all for the purpose of their introduction into wide application.

Activating of the academic community, development research institutes and entrepreneurs, with co-financing from state and EU funds, are necessary for the promotion of new technologies. However, it is also necessary to involve the industry in the production of high-tech components and equipment, all in order to secure the jobs and economic development of the Republic of Croatia.

Some of the events where we are popularizing the science are: Festival of Science, Zagreb Energy Week, European Mobility Week, Days of Open Door of Laboratory. Within these events, we present the implemented systems, we hold lectures. It is also an excellent opportunity to bring science closer to the general public, for networking with other scientists as well as with potential investors in our projects, all for the purpose of enhancing sustainable development through the commercialization of our developed prototype systems.