Theoretical efficiency of hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen utilization

Hydrogen can be used as a fuel in internal combustion engines and gas turbines, or can be mixed with natural gas and burn on the steam generator burners. It is also possible to utilize it in the chemical industry and households. But the most attractive technique is hydrogen utilization in fuel cells.

The main product of the process in the fuel cell is electric energy with heat and water as nus products (water can be further used for electrolysis process in the electrolyzer system – closed proces of hydrogen circulation).

Hence, the intermediate step with conversion to mechanical energy is avoided. The potential for the use of hydrogen fuel cells is present in all areas where there is a need for energy.

Theoretical efficiency of hydrogen fuel cells goes over 83%. A major challenge in fuel cells application is to maintain their efficiency over the set number of opearting hours. However, development research has a steady upward trend, so significant improvements can be expected in the short term.